Tristan Harris's Abstract

Title: How to reverse human downgrading

Abstract: How we define problems dictate how we generate solutions. Information

technologies and A.I. generate a cacophony of grievances and scandals, from data

protection to paying us for our data. Tristan will speak about how seemingly separate

problems- shorting attention spans, tech addiction, social isolation, outrage-ification,

teen narcissism and depression ("influencer" culture), polarization, rise in conspiracies

and breakdown of truth – are part of one connected system of mutually reinforcing harms

arising from extractive tech platforms, which we call "human downgrading." Tristan will

diagnose the mechanics of human downgrading, and then lay out an agenda of research

questions and design patterns based on of an increasing sophistication about human

nature, and not more advanced deep learning methods or data collection, will help us

arrive at solutions.