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The IS4SI 2019 Summit is soliciting proposals for papers, panels, and workshops that address a wide range of topics in the information sciences from IT professionals, philosophers, social scientists, educators, and other scholars whose work focuses on information and information systems at many levels. The list of mini conferences (see SUBMISSIONS menu) is intended to help organize related presentations into coherent satellite sessions that can potentially continue over many days of the Summit. Presentation proposals should ideally indicate (e.g. by their acronyms) which if any of the mini conference topics would be the most appropriate for their work to be presented in, though presentations that don’t easily fit into any of these topic areas are also encouraged. Acceptance of proposals will be determined by mini conference organizers or by relevant members of the IS4SI board of advisors, and acceptance, editorial suggestions, or rejections will be communicated in a timely manner. In addition, there will be all-conference keynote addresses during each day of the Summit that focus on one or another of the focal topics represented


You need to Register for the conference before Submision of a proposal or Reserving a room. Once you are registered and have saved your information you may return to the website at any time by logging in with your email. After registering you will be able to pay for registration, reserve and pay for an on-campus room plus meals, and submit a proposal, all through relevant menu items in your account portal.

You do not need to submit a proposal to attend.