Clark Kerr Rooms


The summit will take place at UC Berkeley's beautiful Clark Kerr Conference Center just a few blocks from the main campus and from the center of downtown Berkeley, and just a BART ride to downtown San Fransisco. Clark Kerr provides conference facilities, guest rooms, and dining, all within a few short steps. Accommodations at Clark Kerr are double and triple occupancy (see the image of room layouts). All room reservations come with three meals per day and must be reserved as a 6-night block (specific roommates can be requested by email at

For shorter or longer stays you may instead want to book a room in one of the local hotels in downtown Berkeley. A map with hotel locations and contact information can be found HERE.

Hotel rooms in Berkeley are, however, limited, so you should make reservations early. The price per night at Clark Kerr is considerably cheaper than at local hotels and the dining at Clark Kerr is of good quality and caters to a diversity of dietary needs including vegetarian and vegan quisine (the menu can be found HERE).

Off campus guests can purchase meals at the Clark Kerr dining facility. There are also diverse restaurants within a short distance of the conference center. 

Room Reservations (June 1-7, Plus 3 Meals a Day)


 Double with meals  Triple with meals

 Until May 15th

$750/ person / 6 nights

Until May 15th

$700/ person / 6 nights

 After May 15h

$850 / person / 6 nights

After May 15th

$800/ person / 6 nights

Campus rooms are limited. First come first served.

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