Global Forum on Artificial Intelligence (GFAI)

The Global Forum on Artificial Intelligence (GFAI’2019-Berkeley)

Organizer: Prof. Yixin Zhong

Call for Papers

The2019 World Summit on Information Science, organized by the International Society for The Studies of Information (IS4SI), will be held at the University of California, Berkeley, USA,in June 2-6, 2019. In response to the strong demand worldwide, the Global Forum on Artificial Intelligence(GFAI)is set up under the flag of the Summit’2019-Berkeley. 

The Aim and the Theme of the Forumis Making Contributions to the Artificial Intelligenceand theTopics of The Forumare focused on, but not limited to, the following problems: 

01. What is the proper concept of Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence?

02. What is the holistic model for Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence? 

03. What is the proper approach to the study of Artificial Intelligence? Structuralism? Or 

   Functionalism? Or Behaviorism? Or Mechanism?

04. What is the proper concept of Information Perception in the context of AI?  

05. What is the proper concept of Semantic Information?

06. What is the interrelation among the Syntactic, Pragmatic, and Semantic Information?

07. What is the proper definition of Knowledge?

08. What is the interrelation among Commonsense, Experience, and Regular Knowledge?

09. What is the concept of Consciousness, Emotion, and Intellect?

10 What is the interrelation among the Consciousness, Emotion, and Intellect?

11 How is intelligence growing up in general sense?

12. What is the proper logic for AI? How do you think of the Universal Logic?

13. What is the Mathematic Foundation for AI? How about the Factor Space Theory? 

14. What is your own interest and progress in AI research?

15. Any other topics related to AI.

The Language, Paper Submission

The language of the Forum is English. The abstract of your paper should be submitted to before April 15, 2019.

Contact: Prof. Yixin Zhong, e-mail: